Eliminate meltdowns, aggression


This website presents a new approach to treatment and management of severe meltdowns and aggression. Severe behaviors are often mistakenly considered to be a direct component of other diagnoses such as PDD or Autism (or are misdiagnosed entirely.) Standard treatment with psychotropic medications often does not fully resolve those behaviors or causes unnecessary side effects. 

Dr. Ralph Ankenman developed a new approach which recognizes the relationship between the body’s adrenaline systems and aggression, rather than overpowering the brain (and behavior) with psychotropic drugs .

He has successfully treated patients with no mental health diagnosis, with autism, with bipolar disorder, and with developmental disabilities.

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Psychotropic medications given for such behaviors are risky, expensive, often ineffective and can cause new problems. The treatment approach shared by Dr Ankenman in his book involve less risky, less costly and more effective treatments.



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